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Spiritual Reality & Faith (10/21)

Dear YT Friends,

Today is my wife's 60th birthday; according to old Korean custom, she and I have lived one-round-of-life.
Life is indeed flying though we do not feel like it! Psalmist said, we live 70 years or 80 years if we are strong and healthy but life is but a breath full of troubles in the way. Sandy reminds us of human frailty.

The time change is this Sunday 2:00AM.

We will have a guest speaker this Sunday -- Grace's Dad [I and my wife will attend LA CMI leadership meeting to prepare for next Summer International Conference (8/1-4, 2013, the same place in Chicago four years ago). Those who come to LA meeting will have a chance to visit Yosemite on Monday.

I attach my Sunday message (10/21) -- my mail client has been changed not being able to compose distribution list yet, so I am using the past email list for now.

Let's pray for the election and our nation to return to our Lord Jesus Christ and the gospel foundation.