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Following The Suffering Messiah

Dear YT Friend,

I hope and pray that you may take today's message into your heart and
mind so that we may a true follower of Jesus Christ our Lord in this

In 1974, I have received this truth but have not been faithful to live
by this truth. I am newly challenged and excited about following Jesus
on his terms--denying myself and taking my cross (Death to self and to
the world).

Self-denial should not be misunderstood as legalistic gloomy
aestheticism like that of a Buddhist or a Monk or even a Pharisee. Grace
without discipleship is cheap grace, which is the deadly enemy of our
modern Church, especially in America. When Christ calls a person, he bid
him/her to come and die (Bonhoeffer), so that we can be truly free and
blessed in the power of God. "God cannot bless us unless he has us" (C.
S. Lewis).

Remember the name of Young Timothy Christian Fellowship key verse (2Tim
2:7), and pray for each other, so that we may not only enjoy God's grace
and but also expand His glory to the ends of the earth until the
glorious day of Christ's second coming.